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Company Backgound
Lesbian & Gay Gifts > About Us > Company Backgound

Company Background

The overall Great Purpose of this company is to provide a shopping site of special interest to lesbians. Months of planning culminated in our first shopping website going live in February 2003.

Since then both the design of the site and the contents of the site have evolved. Taking advantage of changing technology, our current site now has improved navigation and search facilities. More and more creative lesbians are becoming involved with Lavender Lifestyles and so the range of arts and crafts on offer here has grown more than we could have imagined.

Responding to demand from our customers, we have broadened our remit to include items of special interest to the wider gay community. Under this umbrella we also include an ever-growing range of rainbow pride merchandise.

Our experience of running lesbian craft fairs in the nineties, proved there are plenty of beautifully designed goods being made by talented, creative lesbians. We want to bring the best of these together to make a great online shopping experience for lesbians.

The craft fairs we organised in the past showed the difficulties of getting a large number of lesbians together all at one time and place.

They also pinpointed a problem faced by craftswomen who depend on their craft to make a living. The infrequent opportunities available for selling goods designed specifically for lesbians meant it just wasn't cost effective to create designs of special interest to lesbians.

It seems to us that by using the internet as a marketing tool, we can deal effectively with the relatively small quantities that can be produced by individual craftswomen. We can also reach out to the niche market of lesbians all year round.

We are looking for goods to sell on our site which fall into four broad areas:

  • Hand crafted items, made by craftswomen who identify as being lesbian and which have some sort of lesbian theme
  • Hand crafted items, not necessarily with any lesbian theme or symbology, but made by craftswomen who identify as being lesbian
  • Mass produced items manufactured to a lesbian inspired design
  • Items of special interest to lesbians and the wider gay community.
If you are a creative lesbian or you know someone who is, please

Penny Owen and Rita Williams

Lesbian & Gay Gifts > About Us > Company Backgound
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